Christmas Unwrapped 2023

What will drive consumer behaviour this Christmas? Find out in this CORQ original report by features director Emilie McMeekan

For most brands and creators, Christmas is the biggest commercial opportunity of the year. But in a bleak economy and a digital-first marketplace, how will consumer behaviours be affected?

In our deep-dive report, we sat down with the likes of Sarah Coonan, managing director at Liberty and Nicholas Shepherd, talent manager at Season25, plus voices from less frequently included communities such as Dina Basharahil who speaks to the Muslim experience at Christmas, and Millie Gooch who explores what it’s like to be sober during the festive period.

Available exclusively to CORQ members, this in-depth report is the handbook for marketers, PR directors, talent managers and brands looking to foster a modern and inclusive Christmas against a challenging commercial background.

Read to discover:

  • What data from past Christmases and current social media trends tells us modern shoppers want to engage with.
  • How marginalised communities can feel recognised and included at this time of year.
  • And what experts are banking on to capitalise on this lucrative sales opportunity.

This report is available exclusively to CORQ members.

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