Influencer data: Creators, consumers and artificial intelligence in 2024

Consumer engagement with influencer content about AI suggests art and apps powered by the technology are desired but overall sentiment is mixed.

This independent analysis of consumer engagement with influencer content about artificial intelligence provides data-driven strategic direction for brands connecting with audiences on the subject of AI.

It also includes three data charts:

  • Most engaged creator content about the launch of Metaquest 3.
  • Top ten most engaged creator posts about artificial intelligence in 2023.
  • Top ten most engaged creator posts about AI Yearbook, the viral filter from Q4 2023.

Key findings include:

– Brands should produce comedic content satirising fears about AI to connect with audiences empathetically. The most engaged creator post from 2023 about the technology was Victor Kunda’s humorous Reel about AI cars.

– Consumer engagement with VR hardware is currently minimal in the UK, as is positive sentiment towards virtual influencers. Brands should monitor proliferation of headsets such as Metaquest 3. Markets which have high adoption of devices through which people can have immersive virtual experiences, such as South Korea, are also advanced in their acceptance of AI-produced virtual influencers.

– Fun experiences which allow creators to interact with AI drive consumer engagement. This report includes a case study and data chart on the impact of November 2023’s viral filter, AI Yearbook. The most engaged creator post about it – which had seven times more engagement than any other by an influencer – did not actually use the filter. It was a realistic recreation of what the creator actually looked like when they were in high school.

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