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Six influencers with remarkably good news stories in 2020

At last some good news. After a biblically testing year, when Covid-19, wildfires, lies and misdirection spread across the globe, it looks like there is cautiously cause for a little celebration: a vaccine, courtesy of Turkish scientists and a US/German pharmaceutical giant. Light at the end of the tunnel, a break from all the doom-scrolling,

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Max La Manna Thanksgiving

UK-based American influencers for Thanksgiving 2020 campaigns

The UK loves a celebration and any excuse for a good old-fashioned knees up, even if the holiday in question is borrowed from our neighbours across the pond. Thanksgiving (November 26th) will always be an American tradition, but with more US citizens than ever choosing to settle down, study and explore Britain (approximately 200K people),

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ASA influencer guidelines

Influencers must use #ad despite Insta’s paid partnership rollout

Instagram has revealed new plans to flag sponsored influencer content when it is not labelled clearly as advertising, following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This includes rolling out its “paid partnership” header but brands should be aware they risk action from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) if influencers fail to use

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Working with influencers after Brexit

Working with EU influencers post-Brexit: the implications to prepare for

For brands using influencers to raise awareness and launch campaigns in Europe, Britain’s exit from the European Union presents complications – particularly if the UK leaves with no deal. Understanding the implications of this now will allow time to produce strategy which responds to imminent possible changes and prepare for a worst case scenario in

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The Weeknd spotify

Spotify isn’t perfect but Wrapped is an incredible Christmas campaign

For Spotify’s 320million monthly active users, it’s that time of the year again. The app has blessed us with its annual highly-anticipated music roundup, Wrapped. And for those unfamiliar with the concept, the popular digital feature gives users personal insights into their listening history from the past 365 days, highlighting our most-streamed songs, artists, genres

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Nicole Crentsil Share The Mic campaign

The lowdown on #ShareTheMic’s origins, success and purpose

To mark the beginning of Black History Month, a group of notable Black women – entrepreneurs, activists, journalists and creatives – took over the Instagram accounts of high-profile non-Black women, including the likes of A-list celebrities Kourtney Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields and Alexa Chung. Aiming to both magnify and spotlight black female voices, #ShareTheMic was originally

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Filter Drop beauty campaign

#FilterDrop: under the skin of the honest beauty campaign calling for realness

In June 2020, Sasha Louise Pallari shared a video of her smooth, glowy, Insta-perfect skin, before removing the filter to show how it hid her natural texture and imperfections. The makeup artist and model was inspired to film the clip after noticing an undisclosed influencer with over 300K followers advertising a global makeup brand while wearing a beautifying filter.

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Blackout Bestsellers List: inside the movement driving book sales

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to gather pace and influence, the call for systemic change and reform within a plethora of industries is dominating conversation like never before. This week, the publishing industry is playing its part with a new initiative, #BlackoutBestsellerList and #BlackPublishingPower. Launched by Tracy Sherrod, the editorial director of Amistad Press,

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Industry insights


CORQ’s Brand Briefings insight sessions: programme for 2021

Need inspiration and insight for the first quarter of the year? Or perhaps you want to get the jump on what’s to come in the media. Through CORQ’s industry insights programme of Zoom events, you’ll get all of this and the opportunity to ask each interviewee questions. The theme for this season’s lineup is “the

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Sam Parker Penguin

Group Chat: Sam Parker, Editor-in-Chief of Penguin and Editor of The Queue

Planning for post-university life has never been more challenging. To offer inspiration and advice to students looking to go into journalism, marketing and publishing, we hosted our latest Group Chat session with Sam Parker, Editor-in-Chief for Penguin. Having spent six years as the digital editor at Esquire, Sam shared insight into his transition from working

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Group Chat: Sami Mokbel, Chief Football Reporter of the Daily Mail

Planning for post-university life has never been more challenging. To offer inspiration and advice to students and graduates keen to work in media and marketing after graduation, we hosted the second of our Group Chat series with Sami Mokbel, the Chief Football Reporter for the Daily Mail who is known for breaking some of the biggest stories

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Group Chat: Elizabeth Uviebinene, best-selling author and columnist

Planning for post-university life has never been more challenging. To offer inspiration and advice to students looking to go into the marketing and creative industries, we hosted a Group Chat session with Elizabeth Uviebinené, brand strategist, Financial Times columnist and co-author of best-selling book Slay in Your Lane. She is also currently working with Hodder Studio on a

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Millennial vs Gen Z TikTok: two starkly different digital cultures

There are a few ways to spot a millennial, from their side parts to skinny jeans, obsession with avocado toast and calling dogs “doggos.” But on TikTok, it’s more obvious than that.  Every social media platform was all once ruled by millennials but since TikTok’s inception, it’s been Gen Z’s playground, with 60% of users

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TikTok needs to step up to stop the erasure of Black content creators

Black creators on TikTok have repeatedly been erased from the app’s mainstream cultural narrative since its release and it’s a problem the platform needs to address now. Just a couple of weeks ago, a clip of TikTok star Addison Rae performing eight popular dances on The Tonight Show Starring went viral. It’s a very awkward

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Two YouTubers are running to be Mayor of London in the 2021 election

If you’ve been following coverage of the upcoming elections for London’s next Mayor, you might think the candidacy of Piers Corbyn – yes, Jeremy’s brother – is the story. Or that the newsworthy candidate is Laurence Fox, the former actor who has tasked himself with launching a UK franchise of MAGA. But here’s the thing

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The Instagram vs reality trend undermines the body positivity movement

Social media has undeniably taken a turn for the better recently. Influencers and users alike are avidly promoting acceptance of our natural bodies, resulting in a roaring surge of Instagram posts and movements towards self-love and body confidence. A popular trend solidifying itself in this space is “Instagram vs reality”, also known as “posed vs

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Twitter Spaces has arrived and is ready to fix Clubhouse’s flaws

Twitter has officially begun wider testing of its new audio-based feature, Spaces. Since its announcement in November, many – myself included – have been awaiting the arrival of Clubhouse’s direct opponent. Currently powered by the technology formerly known as Periscope, the innovation was initially rolled out for limited beta testing in December to 1,000 accounts.

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Stop erasing Black women like Candice Brathwaite from their own stories

For the past few years, social media has proved to be a pivotal platform for Black women reclaiming and amplifying their own stories. Experiences often overlooked and erased from both history and wider mainstream culture have evolved into an ongoing digital movement. However, if recent events have proved anything it’s that no matter how hard

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Filter Drop beauty campaign

Dear the ASA, the damage being caused by filters isn’t just happening in ads

Seven months after its inception, the #FilterDrop campaign reached a huge milestone on February 3rd – it tightened regulation of filter use on social media. Its creator, Sasha Louise Pallari, cried on Instagram. The model and makeup artist originally launched the campaign as a hashtag encouraging fellow influencers to ditch face-altering filters in the hopes

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We need health influencers like Dr Alex George more than ever

While many of the former Love Island stars have been snapped sunning themselves on exotic beaches in Dubai doing essential work, there is at least one doing his best to fight the pandemic: Dr Alex George. Admittedly, he was not my favourite during his time in the villa (a sentiment shared with the other girls,

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Influencer Fitness programme

The problematic and toxic nature of influencer fitness programmes

Going into a New Year, nothing is certain but lockdown and a newfound passion for fitness. If you’ve used Instagram in the past week, you’ll have been inundated with resolutions for a healthier 2021, discounts on protein powder and invitations to join subscription-only sisterhoods of workout tips, meal plans and support from fellow newbies. For

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anti-vaxxing influencers

The parenting influencer subculture spreading the anti-vaccine agenda

Healthy recipes for large families, a perpetual autumnal-style wardrobe and an unwavering love for Jesus. The holy trinity of the American mommy blogger. Their social platforms are dedicated to documenting every pregnancy symptom, rejoicing in every childhood milestone and posting numerous photos of their brood in matching pyjamas on the beach, just to capture those

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Munya Chawawa

The remarkable rise of Munya Chawawa – 2020’s breakout star

If the pandemic has given us anything, anything at all, it’s the endearing presence of Munya Chawawa. The producer turned comedian blessed our feeds this year and kept us entertained during one of the most uncertain periods in our lives with a series of parodies and skits that warranted viral success every single time. Before

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Twitter Fleets

Fleets: inside Twitter’s controversial new Stories-style feature

Twitter has launched its latest innovation, Fleets. Similar to the Story-like feature that has become synonymous with both Snapchat and Instagram, Fleets allows users to share content – through text, pictures and videos – to their audience, which then disappears after 24 hours. Followers can then react to the feature with emojis or via direct

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LAPP Leomie Anderson sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion content trends: the formats that snowballed in 2020

While we’re past the stage of 24/7 pyjamas, the coronavirus pandemic continues to influence fashion trends on social media. Forced to curb shopping habits for several months, many consumers used lockdown as a period for reflection on how and where they purchase their clothes. In May, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers

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Kate Ovens competitive eating

Food trends: influencers and the thriving online competitive eating scene

Internet food trends are rife and compelling: whether it’s the Mukbang (where vloggers eat takeaways and chat to their followers) or YouTubers allowing the person in front of them to choose their order, extreme vegan meal planning or addictive lunch box packing clips. Creators with the best chat, menus and tupperware have become social media

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Florence Given book Women Don't Owe You Pretty

Influencer books have dominated the bestsellers charts in 2020

One of the more positive notes sounding in 2020 is that people in the UK almost doubled the amount of time they spent reading during lockdown. Only 10% of adults, according to a study by Nielsen, said they read less. This is also interesting in the context that people’s social media use went up 72%

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Jamz Supernova DJ

The Culture Is Black: key insights from CORQ’s podcast series

The Culture Is Black is a new quarterly three-part podcast series by CORQ, dedicated to helping our clients navigate the post-Black Lives Matter landscape through investigating the nuances of Black culture and how your brand can effectively play a positive role in the community. To do this, our culture reporter Jennifer Adetoro has interviewed key influencers

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London Goheen OnlyFans

The extraordinary and controversial rise of OnlyFans

When Beyonce sang “she might start an OnlyFans” in this summer’s remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage, she spoke on behalf of 2020’s sex work revolution. Founded in 2016, the OnlyFans app surged in popularity over lockdown, with the number of accounts doubling since March. Like Instagram, it provides a feed of images and videos –

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